The Founder

Object designer Ben Barber explores the character of shapes, and the emotional resonance in colour. Disengaging with the rhetoric of "west coast modernism" he challenges conventional and established design archetypes you have come to expect. The dynamic way in which Ben approaches work in steel, glass, fabric and wood are then pushed through a filter of colour, in which complex structures are made to feel simple.  

The Studio

The studio uses manufacturing and industrial processes throughout the local Vancouver area. Creating a line of furniture ready for home and to small scale commercial clients. All products are built with the highest level of quality and custom finishing options.


1000 Parker St Studios #70
Vancouver, BC V6a 2H2
By Appointment Only





We also recognize the demand for custom one-off furniture. If you have a unique idea that cannot be found within the products selection please email info@benbarberstudio.com.