MetaL Finishes

Along with powder coating; steel can be plated in a number of alloys including brass, copper, and chrome. All our metal frames and bases can be finished in the varieties below. If there is a specific finish you are looking for chances are it can be done. All plated pieces are sealed with a clear matte lacquer to prevent further change to the surface. Please specify if you wish to have the surface left live. Below are some selected finishes we commonly work with.

Powder Coated Steel

Powder coating is a durable metal finish that turns cold raw steel into a beautiful mass of colour. Below are select pigments used on our products. If you have another colour in mind please let us know. Powders come in a massive array of colours/textures from all spectrum's of the palette.


The colourful skin that gives our pieces it's signature bold identity. Sprayed using a two-part polyurethane paint that is superior to typical lacquer finishes found on most furniture. It is highly shock proof, scratch resistant, and emits no residual fumes once sprayed. Colours below are samples of what can be painted but can be mixed to any pigment upon request. We typically use a matte finish but a high gloss piano finish can be done upon request. 



We use only the highest grade fabrics that are both Eco-friendly (wool fabric is made with 5% recycled fiber) and highly resistant to tear.  Using vinyl over leather keeps our environmental footprint low and avoids the high levels of waste when trimming hides.


The Studio only uses domestic hardwood species and offers a variety of finishes for each. Below are samples of the different species and their respective finishing options.